The war in Ukraine has led to the suffering of thousands of innocent people. In this difficult time for Ukraine, we united in order to create a fund for providing comprehensive assistance to all those affected by the war. By making a donation to the fund, you provide not only financial assistance, but also give hope for a better life and faith in a a brighter future

Support for AFU

Our collaboration with international funds creates the opportunity to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid

Through cooperation with international charitable organizations, we provideassistance to the civilian population

Housing reconstruction

The project provides assistance in restoring housing for those affected byof hostilities on the territory of Ukraine

Other projects

We create many projects for those in need

About us


Our foundation was established to provide support to those who are experiencing the consequences of the war in Ukraine on a daily basis.

  • Our goal: To combine the efforts and resources of international foundations, caring people and companies to provide comprehensive support to Ukrainians.
  • Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: We provide support to our defenders in their noble mission, the fight for the liberation of our country and ensuring a peaceful life for the Ukrainian people.
  • Comprehensive humanitarian assistance to civilians: We help civilians who are victims of devastating attacks by the aggressor country by providing them with the necessary humanitarian aid.
  • Support for medical institutions: Our foundation actively supports the development and improvement of Ukraine's medical infrastructure to provide quality medical care.
  • Helping volunteers and curators of stray pets: We believe in the importance of protecting and caring of our four-legged friends, so we support volunteers and curators of pets who have also become victims of war.

We believe in the power of unity and help and work to restore life and hope to those left behind in a devastated world.

We believe in the power of unity and help and work to restore life and hope to those left behind in a devastated world.



Your donation will help us support Ukrainians who have sufferedas a result of the war

Destroyed housing

To date, the Russian occupiers have destroyed more than 15 million square metres of Ukrainian housing.More than 800,000 peoplehave lost their homes or need to have their homes need to be repaired

Internal displaced persons

Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes. There are currently 4.8 million registered internally displaced persons in Ukraine, but their actual number is almost 7 million

Children and war

In the war in Ukraine, children are innocent victims, hostages of the situation. More than 15,500 children in Ukraine have been affected by the war. Children need help and protection in this difficult time

Animals during the war

Due to the war, the number of animals in shelters and in the care of animalvolunteers in Ukraine has increased by an average of 60%. Shelters need help in order to rescue and maintain animals

Our projects

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Our team

Fund management

Andriy Maratovych Tarasov
Foundation Chairman
Gladun Igor Mykolayovych
Deputy Chairman of the Fund
Antoniuk Andrii Anatoliiovych
Head of Kyiv branch
Ashtaui Nataliia
Fund Representative in the EU
Oleksiy Ivanovsky
Fund Representative in the EU

Our volunteers

Експедитор Forwarder
Експедитор Forwarder
Олександр Ламотько O. Lаmotko
Експедитор Forwarder
Михайло ПЕТРОВ Mykhailo PETROV
Волонтер Volunteer
Волонтер Volunteer

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Many interesting things happen in the life of our foundation

We share the latest events with you

May 17, 2024, 10:45 p.m. 79
The ART&ART project was launched

On 16 May 2024, a landmark cultural and artistic event took place in the Assembly Hall of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. The exhibition within the framework of the art project "ART AND ART: COMBINATION OF ART AND PATRIOTISM" was solemnly opened by the Rector Oleksandr Tsuhorka.

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May 17, 2024, 7:36 p.m. 154
Sculpture "Jessie"

A unique sculpture of Jessie the dog, created by a talented artist Alina RABATIAGOVA, is one of the art objects that will be presented as part of the ART & ART charity art project

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May 16, 2024, 3:08 p.m. 56
Happy Vyshyvanka Day!

🌺World Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the ancient folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered Ukrainian clothes🌺

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