Our goal is to provide comprehensive humanitarian assistance to the needy civilian population affected by the war on a daily basis

The Charity Foundation FOR THE PROTECTION OF VICTIMS OF WAR was established to provide assistance to the civilian population, which is subjected to daily devastating attacks from the aggressor country. Ordinary citizens of Ukraine are forced to survive due to lack of food and water, live in destroyed houses, and are deprived of the opportunity to use the infrastructure in their settlements due to its destruction.

  • TransparencyThe Foundation regularly publishes reports on the receipt of humanitarian aid, the use of donations, and keeps a report on each project on its website..
  • ProfessionalismThe Foundation employs representatives of various fields, which undoubtedly affects the efficiency of the Foundation's work.
  • Relevance and efficiency The Foundation is guided by the principle of priority support for the most needy categories of the population when providing charitable assistance.

About the Fund management

Fund management

Foundation Chairman Tarasov Andriy Maratovych is an expert in the construction sphere . A person with a big heart, he is devoted to helping those who have suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine. From the first days of the conflict, he decided to use his knowledge and experience to provide assistance to the affected by the war, actively engaging support from Ukrainian and international charitable organizations.

Deputy Chairman of the Fund Andriy Antoniuk, starting from 2014, passionately assists those who have suffered from the first act of aggression by the russian federation. Andriy is an experienced financial expert and successfully collaborates with benefactors from Ukraine and around the world. Today, he is standing in defense of Ukraine within the ranks of the Armed Forces, continuing his mission of assistance and protection.

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Support for AFU

Our collaboration with international funds creates the opportunity to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid

Through cooperation with international charitable organizations, we provideassistance to the civilian population

Housing reconstruction

The project provides assistance in restoring housing for those affected byof hostilities on the territory of Ukraine

Other projects

We create many projects for those in need


tonnes of humanitarian aid has already been delivered


orphanages have received assistance


hospitals have received medicines and medical equipment


cars sent for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our team

Fund management

Andriy Maratovych Tarasov
Foundation Chairman
Gladun Igor Mykolayovych
Deputy Chairman of the Fund
Antoniuk Andrii Anatoliiovych
Head of Kyiv branch
Ashtaui Nataliia
Fund Representative in the EU
Oleksiy Ivanovsky
Fund Representative in the EU


The Foundation was created by representatives of civil society and is guided exclusively by its aspirations and ideals. The history of the Foundation is an integral part of the history of the struggle of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people against the Russian invaders.


The Foundation is open to any project that will help improve the quality of life of Ukrainians affected by the war. We are not a political organisation. However, we can accept charitable contributions from politicians to finance our projects if their activities do not contradict the Foundation's ideology.


The greatest value for us is the physical and psychological safety of people. The current situation in Ukraine is extremely difficult in each of these dimensions. Therefore, projects supported by the Foundation should be aimed at supporting Ukrainians in need.