At the forefront of defence

Aug. 28, 2023, 3:37 p.m. 1755 Views

Today, we are especially proud to tell you about Andriy Antoniuk, who is not only a member of our team as Deputy Director of the Foundation and Head of the Kyiv branch, but has now become part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, standing at the forefront of defending our country.

Despite the fact that Andriy is now on the frontline, his contribution to the Foundation's work and support of our projects remains important and relevant. He has always been a role model for others, demonstrating true patriotism and dedication to the nation.
We are very proud to have Andriy Antoniuk as part of our team. His actions and dedication reflect the values on which our Foundation is based - faith in the future of our country and the desire to support and help those who make a great contribution to our security and well-being.
We wish Andriy safety and good health in his service in defence of our homeland. His example inspires us all to continue working to support our heroes and country.
Together to Victory!