Rivne Regional Specialised Children's Home

We are pleased to inform you of the successful implementation of our humanitarian aid for the Rivne Regional Specialised Children's Home with a Centre for Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Central Nervous System Disorders and Mental Disorders and Palliative Care for Children.

Our foundation is focused on providing support and assistance to vulnerable groups, and children staying in the children's home with a rehabilitation centre are one of the most vulnerable categories. In order to improve their living situation and ensure their comfort and well-being, we decided to provide them with the necessary humanitarian assistance.

Our assistance included the supply of food, medical supplies, diapers, hygiene products and toys for children. We carefully selected these goods, taking into account the needs and characteristics of the children in this centre.

It is important to note that our team worked in close cooperation with the administration of the orphanage to ensure the optimal and convenient delivery of the aid. We are convinced that our efforts will help improve the quality of life of these children and provide them with the support they need.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all sponsors and donors who have contributed their efforts and resources to this project. Without your support, our humanitarian aid could not have been implemented. Your generosity and compassion have made a significant contribution to improving the lives of these children.

We hope that this joint initiative will be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation with the Rivne Regional Specialised Children's Home with Rehabilitation Centre. Together, we can do more to improve the lives of children who need special attention and assistance.

Once again, we express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this project and look forward to further cooperation and joint achievements in the future.