IDP centre in Vynnyky, Lviv region

The humanitarian aid contains food, medical supplies and other essential items. Our team of volunteers is working to ensure that those who need it most are helped. We are grateful to everyone who supports our efforts and helps us make people's lives better in these difficult times.

Every day Ukraine bravely fights for its independence and freedom. Thanks to our warrior, we have the opportunity to meet the sunrise, see the smiles of our loved ones, work hard and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For this purpose our fund has visited Vinniki, Lvov region. We did a dispatch to the SSO zone:

▫️ medical supplies
▫️ tactical first-aid kits
▫️ 13 boxes of warm clothes
▫️ 10 cases of foodstuffs

In unity is strength, unite and do everything for our victory.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!